Sociedad Astronómica de México

I have actively been involved in several outreach societies and events, mostly in my hometown of Mexico City. I am a member of SAFIR since 2008, which I joined during my undergraduate studies at the Engineering Faculty at UNAM. In 2011, I joined the Sociedad Astronómica de México, SAM, (founded in 1902) in an effort to return this historic society to it's prime, after several years (decades) of decadence. I'm currently part of the Society's website and social networks administrators (due to my absence from Mexico, it's the best way I can contribute). If you are interested in following the activities of the SAM, please click in the following links:

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I have given several outreach talks to every kind of public, from kindergarden kids to astronomical societies. I have found a great satisfaction in transmitting what astronomers do and presenting the mysteries of the Universe in many different ways.

I have been working at the University of Southampton's own Astrodome. We bring this 6-m mobile planetarium to schools and public events in the Southampton area. In 2014, I won the "Postgraduate Outreach Award" for having brought the planetarium to over 2100 kids!

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During a visit at a Local Primary School at Southampton.