Here you can find some useful links of a wide range of topics.

  • TRM-DOPPLER Installation Cookbook: A quick cookbook to install from scratch Tom Marsh's new Doppler tomography software in a Linux machine.
  • MOLLY COOKBOOK: How to prepare a series of spectra for use of Doppler tomography in MOLLY
  • PyDoppler: A python wrapper to run, plot and analyse output from Henk Spruit's domap software (which has an IDL interface).
  • PYTHON tricks: Useful list of PYTHON tricks I have learned during my research.
  • STIS Photons: Python-based routine that assigns energy phton/wavelength to the event list of STIS-HST files.
  • CV DATABASE: Database of Cataclysmic variables based on the final catalogue version of Ritter & Kolb.