During my professional career, I have been very involved in teaching mathematics and physics in different levels. During my undergrad, I worked as a personal tutor to several students ranging from primary school to high school. After my master's studies, I worked teaching algebra, physics and advanced mathematics to high school students at Green Hill School in Mexico City.

At the University of Southampton, I have worked as teaching assistant for several courses:

  • PHYS1020 - Programming and Data Analysis
  • PHYS2013 - Galaxies
  • PHYS2011 - European Dimension in Space
  • PHYS2012 - Design and Observation in Astronomy
  • PHYS3010 - Stellar Evolution

The courses Space Telescope Design and Observational Astronomy are held in Tenerife, Spain. We have made a record of these trips through images, videos, twitter posts, etc... If you would like to a recap, just follow the links to the Storify of each course:

I also use my research to develop material for teaching and outreach activites. In this video I made, I show the spectral evolution of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs:


I show the GALEX, ugriz, JHK and WISE-1 filters for reference. The spectral models are made available in BT-SETTLE. For reference on these models: Allard et al. 2012, Royal Society of London Philosophical Transactions Series A, 370, 2765 and Baraffe, I. 2015, A&A, 577, 42).